Discovering your gift and giving back to the world.

I am Jeremy Scott and my passion is driven by one major purpose; Helping You Make Success Mandatory in Your LIFE!

Some of you know me as Jeremy Scott the fitness guy, but in all reality I am a success coach of people in everything from fitness, nutrition, business, career, relationships and just about anything in between.

It’s this passion for coaching and helping others that ultimately  gave birth to the concept of Making Success Mandatory …….

Making Success Mandatory is more than a book, more than a brand, more than just an idea, it is a lifestyle you can live and follow 24-7-365. 

I pour my heart & soul into this site; and into your results, it’s my calling, my gift, and my passion to help you succeed in not just one area but every area of your life.

I don’t have any magic tricks, secrets or plans to sell you – just real life, no bullshit advice, accountability, support and coaching to help you get the life you deserve.

I have helped thousands of people drastically change their life around and if you are ready to put in the effort and get working I can help change yours as well.

I will only give you this one WARNING – by entering any of my Make Success Mandatory coaching programs you risk getting more joy out of life, finding more career, relationship, personal and overall success. So I caution you to please proceed at the risk of reaching your goals and living a healthy, happy, kick ass life!

I made success mandatory in my life a long time ago, now I want to give that gift back to you. 

You can also find me over at: 

Until next time eat well, train hard & be nice to people…….and as always Make Success Mandatory!