Discovering your gift and giving back to the world.

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Uncover The Ways to Make Success Mandatory.

In this easy to follow guide Jeremy Scott helps you search inside yourself for your true passion, your true calling, your true gift so you can give it back to the world.

This book is about making a better life not just for yourself, but also for everyone around you, because that’s what real success is. This book is about not being afraid to fail and venturing far outside your comfort zone. It is about looking within, questioning yourself, finding out who you really are and what your life is truly about.

Jeremy helps you go far beyond just making success mandatory, he helps you put and keep your life in perspective. This book is about living life on your own terms and writing your own success story. Leaving fear, anger, and regret in the past, all while finding absolute success and happiness along the way.

You are all here for a greater purpose, you all matter, you all have unique, special, amazing gifts that only you can offer the world and Jeremy helps you uncover those gifts.